Be Smart, Choose Wisely!

In cases of any vehicle without an existing factory or aftermarket roof rack or roof rails, the correct way to determine the appropriate roof rack or rails for your vehicle is to first determine the product best suited for the intended use.

How much load capacity do you need (or "what are you going to carry?")?

Our medium-duty racks (DynaSport™ and SporTrek™) provide a 75-pound static load capacity (evenly distributed on the crossbar assemblies).  Roof rack load capacity is stated as "static" load weight.  Static load is defined as stationary, non-moving load weight.  Load "inertia", created by a vehicle moving at normal operating speeds over dips, bumps, curves, etc. on the roadway can cause the stationary weight being carried on the crossbars to more than triple.  For example, a 50-pound static load on the crossbars can increase to 150-200 pounds or more during normal vehicle operation.  Aventura racks are rated at 110 pounds, and SportQuest is rated at 180 pounds load capacity (evenly distributed on the crossbar assemblies).

Is the rack primarily for looks?

If so, use the Part # recommended in our Vehicle Application Lookup and/or in bold / italic type in our Printable Application Guide. Since we are currently unable to display a recommendation for "factory look-alikes" on our website, we might suggest referring to the aforementioned Printable Application Guide, on which bold italic type appears to indicate the closest in appearance to the factory-installed or offered roof rack and/or roof rails.  If no bold italic type appears, we do not have sufficient information to recommend a factory  look-alike, so choose a style suited to your own personal preference.

Need an even heavier load capacity?

For heavier loads, we suggest using our DynaSport™ Roof Rails in conjunction with our Mont Blanc™ Locking Load Bars. This combination provides not only a great look, but a 220-pound load capacity as well!

Keep in mind that everyone has his/her own opinion, and individual tastes vary, so none is an unfavorable choice!

The "carrying capacity" of the roof rack being installed relative to the intended use of the rack must always take precedent over styling, cost, etc.

Once you have answered these questions, refer to our Vehicle Application Lookup or Printable Application Guide to determine the size rack or rails recommended for y
our specific vehicle.
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