Which rack do I need for my vehicle?

The quick answer:  It depends.

The long answer: Since we have several brands, styles, sizes, configurations, and weight rating considerations, choosing the right rack for your needs will go a little in depth.

Questions You'll need to answer:

What system do you need for your lifestyle?

    Are you looking for a full rack with carrying ability?

        What load rating?  75lb (DynaSport or SporTrek), 110lb (Aventura), 180 (SportQuest)

    Are you looking for a set of rails to accent your ride?

        Will you want to add cross bars like our SportQuest or Mont Blanc for carrying a surfboard, skis, bike, ladders, kayak, etc. occassionally?

These questions must be answered to hone in on your needs.  Though you are welcome to purchase whatever system you want, our recommendations will always lean toward utility over desired looks.  If you want a DynaSport rack (75lb load rating) but intend to carry kayaks, we would recommend the DynaSport Roof Rail set with the Mont Blanc Gripper Add-On Load Bars.  That combination will offer better security and a safer ride.

We're here to help, so contact us if you have questions with seeking the right system.

What is the load capacity of my rack?

Roof Rail Sets

Our Aventura and DynaSport Roof Rail Sets don't show a weight rating because they are stronger than the weight ratings of the load bars on the market that will attach to them.

Roof Racks

Each of our brands of Roof Racks and Add-On Load Bars have maximum load ratings, meaning the weight of accessory holders and the accessories themselves should not exceed these ratings.

Aventura Roof Rack - 110lbs

DynaSport Roof Rack - 75lbs

SportQuest Roof Rack (Track Style or Pad Mount) - 180lbs

SporTrek Roof Rack - 75lbs

Add-On Load Bars

Our SportQuest Clamp Mount and Mont Blanc Gripper Load Bars can be added to our Aventura and DynaSport racks and rail sets, as well as many factory installed systems.

SportQuest Clamp Mount - 180lbs

Mont Blanc Gripper - 220lbs

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I have a factory roof rack or rail set already. Do you have Cross Bars that work on my vehicle?


Many CUVs, SUVs, and mini-vans, are produced with factory rails.  Refer to our Year, Make, Model lookup and choose Load Bars to see if we have an application for your vehicle.  If we do, you can just move your factory cross bars to a different location from where you want the Add-On bars.

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I want to purchase and install a roof rack myself. How difficult is it?

If you are completely uncomfortable drilling holes into the roof of your vehicle, we recommend you seek out a professional installer.  However, with a few tools and the ability to follow directions, you can install one of our Perrycraft systems to enjoy for many years.

Though the instructions are more in depth and vary slightly between brands, the basic steps of installation include:

  1. Assemble system together on the ground or a bench
  2. Place system on vehicle roof
  3. Mark hole locations
  4. Remove system
  5. Drill holes at marked locations and clean roof
  6. Replace system and install screws with a screwdriver (not a drill)
  7. Enjoy

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What is Perrycraft's warranty?

Perrycraft will warranty all Perrycraft manufactured products to the original purchaser (direct consumer or customer of installer) under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The warranty is forfeited if the product’s owner fails to register product or product is transferred to another owner.

Subject to the limitations and exclusions, Perrycraft will remedy defects in materials or workmanship by replacing or repairing parts and will not charge for parts or labor.  In the event purchaser returns product for warranty consideration, purchaser will pay shipping costs.  If replacement is provided, Perrycraft will pay shipping costs of new parts to the customer.

Perrycraft's warranty coverage does not, under any circumstances, cover any damage to non-Perrycraft products, either owned by the purchaser or others.

No warranty is provided for normal wear and tear, scratches, accidents, modifications, or repairs other than those authorized by Perrycraft.

No warranty is given for defects resulting from conditions beyond Perrycraft’s control including, but not limited to, misuse, overloading, or failure to assemble, mount or use the product in accordance with Perrycraft’s written instructions or guidelines included with the product or made available online or in person.

See the full warranty for details.

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I want to install a roof rack on the fiberglass/composite truck cap or lid on my pickup. What else do I need?

There are a couple of options.

If you've purchased a system that does not end in with "FH" (SQ5550-B-FH, AV3648-B-FH, etc.), the included hardware pack will have screws for installation into a sheet metal roof.  Therefore, you will need to purchase our Fiberglass Hardware Mounting Kit separately.  These kits come complete with stainless steel bolts and nuts, all necessary seals (gaskets), molded plastic screw covers for the interior, and detailed installation instructions.  The kits are used for connecting our Roof Racks and Rail Sets to fiberglass, plastic, or composite roofs like camper shells, tonneau covers, and/or Jeep tops.

Also, the kits can be used to replace the mounting screws for systems on a sheet metal roof in order to bolt the system down.  However, it is necessary to have access to the underside of the roof skin.  This will mean the interior headliner will need to be dropped or removed to have this access.  For vehicles with no headliner (cargo vans), Perrycraft recommends the bolt-through method.

Aventura - HWAVTC-UV

DynaSport - HWDSTC-UV

SportQuest - HWSTTC-UV

SporTrek - HWSTTC-UV

We're here to help, so contact us if you have questions.