A few words about our products

Perrycraft's systems are size specific, not vehicle specific, meaning the same size rack may fit on several different vehicles.  Nor do they fit into the factory fitment points that some vehicles have.  Our systems are designed with a universal curvature and for the supports to sit flush on the vehicle roof between the weld joints (gutter or strips that run front to back).

All of our manufactured systems require drilling into your vehicle and screwing the system down.  For Roof Rack and Roof Rail systems, however, you don't have to drop your interior headliner.

All applications are for vehicles without sunroofs and/or glass panoramic roofs.


Perrycraft's part numbers provide product information.

For example, AV3648-B:

AV:  Brand (Aventura)

36: Width of the installed Roof Rack in inches.  If there are two "X's" (AVXX48-B), it denotes it is a Roof Rail set with no cross bars.

48: Length of the installed rails (Rack or Rail set) in inches.

B: Color (Black)


Below are the downloadable installation instructions for our products.

Choose the brand and rail length for the proper instructions.

Perrycraft Products:
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